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Esybike Launcing its POSs System Across Maharashtra and Bihar State.

Author : Isha Kulkarni 


Pune: 26 December 2019,  Pune Based Automotive Company Esybike Technologies Pvt Ltd is set to Launch its Point of Sales and Services all Across Maharastra and Bihar, MR Vikash Kumar, CTO of Esybike Technologies Pvt Ltd, in an Exclusive Interview to us revealed that his company is set to Flag off 30 + POSs Stations all across Maharastra and Bihar.

Mr Vikash, Who hails from Gaya district of Bihar, said "launching in Bihar will bring a boost to automobile Sector in Bihar, According to him Point of Sales and Services (POSs) will be a revolutionary step for propagation of Electric Vehicles among the commuters as POSs Will provide one Stop Solution for All Kind of Electric Vehicles need.Bikes and Scooters from various leading Electric Vehicles  Manufacturing brands like Okinawa, Future Ev, Pure  EV, Battre, Ampere etc are avaliable at Esybike.com and soon will be avaliable to all POSs System. 

Dr Kunal Sinha, CEO of Esybike Technologies Pvt Ltd, Said, " We are Referring Point of Sales and Service as POSs. As we all know the right time has come to invest in securing our better future, all Major automobile companies and even our Govt. has started investing in alternative source for mobility other than diesel and Petrol driven vehicles. By 2022 our streets will be full of such alternatives. One Such alternative is Electric Mobility (Electric Scooters and Cars).
Esybike Technologies Pvt. Ltd gives youth an opportunities to be a pioneer in this industry by joining the race way in advanced. We will equip you for near future market needs So that you are able to thieve in ever-changing Market for Electric Mobility"  
 He added " With Esybike Technologies Pvt. Ltd,  we open new dimensions of possibilities in Electric mobility in the Field of Sales, Service and Selling of Spare Parts. And when Right time will come we will also equipped POSs with Electric Charging stations (Future age Petrol Pumps). "


To Know More details of Point of Sales and Services email us at Poss@esybike.in