• is the appearance pleasing?
Yes, we have a variety of bikes where you would find a unique suiting your choice.
  • how much distance does it run per single charge?
the distance that different bikes travel is different. It largely varies in the range of 60-180 km.
  • how much is motor power?
the motor power that different bikes offer is different. It largely varies in the range of 1-2.5 kW
  • can i easily get a loan for a bike?
yes, any bank can give you loans for proper documentation.
  • how many initial services are free?
3 initial services will be given for free.
  • is it rugged?
yes, it is very rugged and strong. it can travel on rough terrains as well with the same efficiency.
  • how much is the charging time?
3 hours on an average is the charging time. But well,  it differs for each bike.
  • how much is battery life?
an average of 2,500 charging cycles is battery life. That means it can easily go up to five years.
  • how much is the battery capacity?
  • the battery capacity that different bikes offer is different. It largely varies in the range of 1-5 kW.
  • is the pick-up good?
  • yes, each bike would effortlessly start up in a matter of seconds.
  • do the tyres offer a good friction for tyre grip?
  • yes
  • is the vehicle sturdy?
  • yes, the vehicle is very steady and keeps well in any kind of a path.
  • are the breakes good?
  • yes
  • does the colour have matte finish?
  • yes, each bike has a pleasing appearance.
  • How is it Cost-efficient than petrol vehicles?
  • Know Your Saving
  • No. of Scooters used by you a day
  • 1
  • Average Daily Commute Kms
  • 40
  • Petrol Price Rs.
  • 75
  • No. of years
  • 3
  • What your Electric Bike Saved for you
  • Petrol that you did not use in (Litres)
  • 973
  • Petrol cost that you saved Rs.
  • 72975
  • Electricity that you consumed in charging Rs.
  • 5840
  • Maintenance cost you saved with Petrol Scooter Rs.
  • 6000
  • Cost of extra batteries used if any Rs.
  • 0
  • Your total savings compared to a petrol scooter Rs.
  • 73135
  • what if i get breakdown?
  • we offer road-side assistance (rsa) at quite a lot of parts in all over India.
  • are the servicing outlets nearby home?
  • we have servicing outlets at quite a lot of places. we also offer road side assistance (rsa).
  • can i open footrest with my feet?
  • yes, the footrests are very easy to open and comfortable.